What Is Preventive Health Care?

Preventive Health Care consists of the measures we take to prevent diseases. Preventive healthcare focuses on preventing sickness by lessening the disease burden and related risk factors to avoid future illness and treatment. Preventative health refers to approved proactive health tests, counseling, and maintenance. You can use preventive health care measures to stop the progression of a disease over time and at all phases of a person’s lifespan.

Dental services can be extremely expensive. Emergency dental care, for example, can cost thousands of dollars and it can even leave you broke if you don’t take precautions ahead of time. There are a lot of different ways to reduce your dental costs, but the two most important ways are through preventive Health care and dental insurance plans. In this article, we discuss how preventive care can reduce your costs and why you should find AETNA Dental PPO dentists in your area.

Why Is Preventive Care Important?

Preventive care is important because it helps people stay healthy and avoid potential health problems. By getting regular check-ups and screenings, people can identify potential health concerns early and take steps to address them. Preventive care can also save you money by avoiding more costly health problems in the future.

Does regular dental cleaning improve dental health?

When we talk about regular dental cleaning, we’re referring to dental deep cleaning sessions. Regardless of how well you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you can’t get rid of all the food particles stuck between your teeth or in the deeper recesses of your mouth. This is especially true if you have misaligned or uneven teeth. Over time, the food particles turn into a white sticky substance called plaque, which eventually hardens into tartar.

Plaque and tartar lead to bacterial infection because they invite bacteria that feast on the plaque. The bacterial infection eventually leads to dental decay and gum recession, which can lead to gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. However, if you go for regular dental cleaning appointments, the dentist or dental hygienist can use a scaling procedure to remove all of the accumulated plaque and tartar and they can disinfect your teeth, thus getting rid of bacterial accumulation.

As such, regular dental cleaning drastically improves your overall dental health and prevents gum disease and other dental diseases from occurring. Treating gingivitis and other such dental diseases can be pretty expensive, which is why regular dental cleaning also helps you save money on complex procedures in the long run. Regular dental cleaning and oral exams are a critical part of preventive health care. You should go for a dental cleaning appointment once every six months.

Why is a dental health checkup so important?

Dental diseases and dental issues are generally chronic, i.e., if you don’t treat them promptly, they only get worse with time. If you have cavities, for example, you need to get them filled immediately or they will spread into the pulp chamber. When that happens, you’ll need a root canal procedure. If you still don’t treat it, you may even need to opt for tooth extraction down the line. 

Dental diseases don’t even cause any trouble at the initial stages so you don’t even know you have an issue until it’s serious. That’s why dental health checkups are so important. When you go for a dental health checkup, the dentist will lookout for signs of dental decay and bacterial infection. If there are any problems, they’ll treat them immediately before they get worse, thus saving you considerable trouble and financial distress in the long run. Furthermore, dentists also lookout for signs of oral cancer during your regular dental health checkups. They look for sores and precancerous lesions — if there’s any sign of oral cancer, they treat it before it gets worse.

Why should I look for AETNA Dental PPO dentists?

Dental insurance plans are crucial because they can prevent immeasurable financial distress should a dental emergency occur. Dental treatments can be extremely expensive. With dental insurance, however, you have to pay a regular premium in exchange for reduces costs on most necessary dental procedures. If you’re affiliated with the AETNA Dental PPO insurance plan, you should look out for AETNA Dental PPO dentists because in-network dentists can offer the best treatments at the lowest price. PPO insurance plans provide wide coverage on several complex dental treatments and procedures and they also give you the flexibility to visit any dentist, both in-network or out-of-network. However, you should generally look for in-network dentist that take AETNA PPO for the following reasons:

  • You have to pay a reduced price for your dental treatments. As such, there’s no hassle of applying for insurance claims and reimbursements later. It reduces your out-of-pocket cost.
  • You can go to any in-network dentist for the same cost because it’s all standardized.
  • You may also get two free preventive care appointments per year, which can help you avoid dental problems altogether.

Reduce Your Long-Term Dental Costs With Preventive Health Care

As mentioned above, there are several ways to reduce the cost of your dental care. However, the following is a brief summary.

  • Personal Dental Care: Brush and floss your teeth regularly and use anti-bacterial mouthwash as well. Personal oral hygiene will prevent dental issues from occurring, thus reducing the overall cost of dental care.
  • Deep Cleaning Appointments: Go for deep cleaning appointments at least twice a year so the dentist can remove all accumulated plaque and tartar and get rid of bacterial infection.
  • Dental Health Checkup: Go for regular dental checkups so the dentist can make sure there are no dental issues that need attention. If there is, they can treat the issue before it gets worse.
  • Dental Insurance Plans: Subscribe to PPO dental insurance plans that provide wide coverage at an affordable rate so you don’t have to break the bank should an emergency occur.

Where can I find affordable dental care?

URBN Dental in Houston Texas is the best affordable dental care clinic because we have some of the world’s finest PPO dentists. Since we’re affiliated with all the major dental insurance providers on the market, we have in-network dentists who can treat your dental issues effectively at an extremely affordable rate. Furthermore, our dental clinic is extremely advanced and we use the latest dental treatments and procedures that are minimally invasive and highly effective. For more information, please schedule an appointment to find out which dental procedures are covered by your insurance plan.

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