Are you searching for best dental implant center in Houston. Dental implants can be the right choice if you are considering a long-term solution for your tooth replacement. The longevity of your implant is determined by so many factors including your lifestyle, health status, dental hygiene, and so on. Improvement in technology has made implant failures to be rare, especially those caused by functionality issues or rejection (dental implant center Houston).

Some medical conditions that are existing before the implant is placed can probably lead to failure. Also, diseases and misuse of implants can cause the procedure to fail. As a result of this, it is very important for you to consult with a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon so that proper clinical examination will be carried out on you so that the implant surgery will be successful (dental implant center Houston).

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Components of A Dental Implant

If you really want to understand the longevity of dental implants, it is very important for you to know their components. There are three major components of implants and they are discussed below (dental implant center Houston). 

#1. Implant

The implant is made of titanium and it is placed through surgery in your jawbone serving as the foundation for the crown.

#2. Abutment

The abutment is usually fixed to the implant and functions as a holder for the crown so that it will be kept in place.

#3. Crown

Crown is an artificial tooth made of ceramic and connected to the abutment. It looks exactly like your natural tooth and can function as such.

Generally, the crown and abutment which are exposed are more prone to devastation than the embedded implant.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you take care of your implant properly through regular brushing as well as flossing, it should be able to last for a lifetime. In addition, going for regular dental checkups at least two times a year will also be very helpful. According to medical rating, a crown is expected to last for about 15 years before it will begin to wear which may necessitate a replacement. However, if your dental hygiene is above par, you may discover that it lasts for more than 15 years (dental implant center Houston).

Another factor that affects longevity is the location of the implant in your mouth. If it is at the backside of your mouth, too much pressure from chewing may affect its longevity. This can contribute to its failure in contrast to an implant that is located in the frontal part of your mouth (dental implant center Houston).

Dental Implants Vs. Other Tooth Replacement Options

dental implant centers are majorly devised to provide a permanent solution for lost teeth and they have become the most accepted option for tooth replacement. Unlike other replacement options like dentures, dental implants give enough support to the artificial teeth so that they can function like natural teeth with the capability of withstanding chewing and biting without slipping. Unlike dental bridges, implants do not decay because they are embedded in the jawbone. They don’t put pressure on surrounding teeth, like dental bridges, and that is why they are a highly recommended choice for fixing missing teeth.

What Factors Can Lead To Implant Failure?

Dental implants are known for providing long-term solutions for missing teeth if properly managed. However, implants may fail prematurely. And there are many factors responsible for this. If you are suffering from diabetes or other diseases, like cancer, you may be more exposed to implant failure.

Your implants require proper maintenance like your natural teeth. Hence, you should brush and floss them regularly. Poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease which can also contribute to failure. It is also important to make use of a competent dentist so that the success rate of the procedure will be very high.

Signs of Implant Failure

There are many signs that you may notice which will indicate that your implant is failing. You may have difficulty in chewing and experience gum disease. If you notice increased swelling or gum inflammation, it may be a sign of failure. If the artificial tooth or implant becomes loosened or you are feeling serious pain or discomfort. You may need to see your dental implant center immediately because failure may be imminent.

Preventive Care

Although you may not be able to stop some implant failures, there are many things you can do to reduce your exposure to failure. You should care for the implant very well including regular brushing and flossing. A regular dental visit is also important. So that you will be able to have your mouth checked up by your dentist and this should be done every six months. You should stop smoking if you are a smoker. Because smoking can increase the rate of failure.

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Furthermore, you must ensure that your calcium intake is increased. So that your jawbones will be strong. You can get calcium supplements or foods rich in calcium. Such as yogurt, milk, cheese, oranges, broccoli, just to mention a few. If you are suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding), you can ask for a mouthguard from your dentist in order to fix the problem. Some habits can damage your teeth. Such as eating candy as well as ice, and it is very important to avoid them. After implant placement, you should allow it to fuse properly with the jawbone before replacing the missing tooth with an artificial one.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about replacing your missing teeth, you should visit an ideal dental implant center in Houston so that you will be able to achieve your goal. The success of the procedure is greatly dependent on the professional that handled the operation. If you can get it right in that respect, you are definitely going to have little or no complication. As a result of this, you should do your best in locating a highly recommended dentist that will handle your implant. A board-certified dentist is preferable. Because of the training and experience in the field. The best treatment plan will be worked out for you in order to ensure that the procedure is successful.

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