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Are you from Houston and looking for a dentist who can help your smile shine bright? Have you found yourself wondering “Where can I get a general dentist near me?” Look no further because URBN Dental is conveniently located near you to solve all of your dental problems. We are dedicated to our patients’ needs and situated in easy to find locations. Living in Houston, you may be familiar with many dental clinics in your area. But which one is highly recommended for you and which one will you go to? The answer depends on factors such as the type of staff and costs of treatment. Deciding to visit the URBN Dental care center will clear any confusion about where to go! Our highly trained staff and professional dentists have performed many successful procedures, as seen by some before and after shots. Furthermore, when it comes to costs of treatment, we take measures to ensure that we are an affordable family dental care clinic for the whole community. Discover why you should opt for our general dental care and read on to learn more about our practice.


One very important part of dental care is preventive care. The preventive care appointments you make with us will enable our general dentist to successfully monitor your gums and your teeth. Also, any noticeable problem can be easily tackled and kept in check before they get out of hand and cause problems. It’s our tendency to try as much as possible to save your time and also money in the course of treatment. Some of our preventive care services include; Periodontal care, dental sealants, exams and cleanings, mouthguards and nightguards, fluoride treatments.



It happens sometimes that regardless of how much we try to take care of our teeth, we may still end up needing more attention, exceeding preventive care to cater to our dental needs. Some of these cases include tooth decay, dental trauma that ends up damaging your tooth and also, the eruption of wisdom tooth. When you pay us a visit at URBN Dental, your smile can be restored through the restorative dental services that we offer. If you are in Houston and you are looking for general dentist & dentistry near me or family dental surgery,


  • BPA-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges
  • Full & Partial Dentures
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Oral Surgery


This is another form of dental care that will work wonders and make your smile more beautiful than ever. If your smile is currently making you uncomfortable, you can now say goodbye to the harrowing experience. Cosmetic dentistry is here to save the day. We have a number of cosmetic services on offer to help out. These include; Veneers, lumineers, Invisalign® Clear Orthodontics, professional teeth whitening and snap on smiles.


  • Invisalign® Clear Orthodontics
  • Veneers, Lumineers
  • Snap-On Smile
  • Professional Teeth Whitening

Variety of Services At General Dentist Near Me

If you are looking for a general dentistry Houston TX, then URBN Dental fits the description and is located near you. In addition to general dental care, we also provide cosmetic dentistry and preventive and restorative dentistry, making us the complete family dental care clinic for you and your loved ones. We focus greatly on our preventive services because we know that preventing damage or a disease is better than treating it. Prevention saves our patients from a lot of time, money and discomfort. Despite preventive measures like regular brushing and flossing, your teeth may need restorative care and treatment. We offer several restorative services to help address any dental issues that arise.

Take a look below for a better idea of our wide variety of services offered:

  • Mouthguards & Nightguards
  • BPA-free tooth colored fillings
  • Exams & Cleanings
  • Dental Crowns
  • Periodontal (Gum) Care
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Sealants

Houston Dental Care

We also provide Invisalign® braces, a great resource that not all general dental care clinics have licenses to implement. Invisalign® braces straighten teeth without the unappealing metal wires of traditional braces. We have many satisfied patients who opted against traditional braces based on their lack of appeal and now increasingly turn to our Invisalign® braces.

Why URBN Dental Is Best General Dentist Near Me

You might find yourself looking for a dentist and wondering “Is there any dental care near me?” Not only do you have a dental care center near you, but you also have highly recommended general dentist near you! URBN Dental is highly recommended general dentist in your area for many reasons.

Teeth Fillings in Houston

Emergency Dental Care

What would you do if you were faced with a dental emergency? Not knowing the answer to that critical question means you would likely waste precious time looking for a dentist. Save yourself panic and time by knowing beforehand that URBN Dental offers emergency dental care services. Our convenient locations allow easy access in case of any emergency. There’s also no need to worry about making an appointment, because we accept walk ins. Our dentists are available to assist you with your emergency dental needs. So if you find yourself in an emergency and find yourself thinking of any dental surgery near me, remember to visit URBN Dental for highly recommended emergency dental care.

State of the Art Facilities

We are proud to say that we use the latest equipment and tools to ensure that our patients receive highly recommended treatment possible. Our office is designed specially to grant comfort so that patients to feel at peace instead of dread when visiting the dentist. By using reused brick and reclaimed wood, we’ve designed around the theme of nature to add to the peace and calm of the clinic. To add uniqueness to our general dental care, we’ve also given our facilities a bohemian touch by hanging art pieces by local artists.

Financing Options Available

Not everyone has the same budget to be able to afford expensive dental treatments. At URBN Dental, we understand the importance of affordable but good quality general dentistry. We deeply care about our patients’ betterment in every manner. This is why we want to be an affordable dental care center for the whole community, while not compromising on our high level of quality and service. Subsequently, we are part of the network of Delta Dental PPO insurances. This benefits our patients by reducing the cost of procedures so that they pay lower out of pocket costs. We also have other financing options available, such as our in-house financing option that spreads the patient’s fees over several months to ease the payment process. We accept different methods of payment including Care Credit insurance to meet your needs.

Book Appointment For General Dentist Near Me

By now, we hope to have convinced you about which dental care near me is highly recommended. So why wait anymore when you can book an appointment right now! Visit URBN Dental for the beautiful smile that you deserve. Find one of our convenient general dentistry Houston TX locations that are nearest to you. Book your appointment online right now for any of our variety of services, or contact us at 713-322-8442!


What is highly recommended dentist office in Houston?
In and around the Houston area, URBN Dental is the only facility that offers all kinds of dental services in the most professional and safest of environments. On top of that, these procedures are offered at the most affordable of rates. At URBN Dental, not only are orthodontic treatments offered, but we also provide highly recommended of cosmetic procedures, with emergency walk-ins all the time.
What are highly recommended Dental website companies?
There are very few dental services that are easily available to see through online. In and around the Houston area, URBN Dental is the only dental company that has all details completely available for the general public to see on their website. We also offer online services for patients to easily book appointments before walking in.
What is highly recommended way to take care of your teeth?
There are lots of ways you can ensure the health of your teeth. One of these is regular brushing and flossing and ensuring that you change your toothbrush every three months. However, it is very important that you keep visiting your dentist at regular intervals to ensure that there is no buildup of tartar under your teeth. To make sure that your teeth stay healthy and strong, a visit to the dentist for procedures like scaling, and polishing are very important.
What is the use of braces for teeth?
Braces are a very common dental procedure in today’s day and age. The basic purpose that braces serve is the realignment of teeth. Often it is the case that one may be born with a jaw structure that may put teeth behind each other, or make them crooked. To straighten them to form a smile, braces are applied. These pull the teeth back into alignment, giving the patient a complete smile makeover.
How do I find emergency dental treatment center?
There are a lot of ways to finding your way around with the current technological advancements, but one web search for a dental treatment center will surely guide you towards URBN Dental in the Houston area. We are not only famous for our affordable and professional treatments but if you have an emergency that cannot wait at all, we entertain emergency walk-ins with emergency staff at all times, ensuring timely and safe dental procedures.
How can we find highly recommended dental care?
There are lots of methods for finding highly recommended dental care. But if you are in Houston or around the area, you need to look no further than URBN Dental, where all dental procedures are available at affordable rates. In addition to that, the dentists at URBN Dental are experienced professionals, who understand the importance of keeping the patient in the communications loop, to build trust and make them feel more involved in the process.
How long can a tooth abscess wait for treatment?
As any dentist would say, a tooth abscess should not wait at all for treatment. The formation of an abscess is already signed that a certain condition was left untreated for so long that it has evolved into what the abscess is currently. Generally, untreated cavities turn into an abscess and can be very painful. It is always recommended not to consult a dental practitioner to get directions on what procedures to get.
Is laser dental treatment safe?
Laser dental treatment is seeing advancements every day. As every dentist would tell you, the use of lasers is very normal and very safe in a majority of dental treatments. These are generally used to treat the gum line, in a process otherwise known as a gingivectomy. With such procedures, lasers have proven to be a very safe and effective method.
Is chewing gum good for your teeth or/and health?
It depends on what kind of gum you are chewing. A majority of gums have sugar as their main component, and it tends to harm one’s teeth in the long run. Sugarless chewing gum, on the other hand, is a safe bet, but overuse of that is not recommended by dentists either.
Where can I find reliable dentists for my dental treatment?
If you are living in or around Houston, Texas, you need to look no further than URBN Dental. We offer all kinds of dental treatments in the safest of environments, at the most affordable of rates imaginable. Moreover, our dentists are all very well qualified and experienced, knowing just what you need. The best thing about URBN Dental is taking the patients into confidence in their procedures, be they cosmetic ones or orthodontic ones. We also offer walk-in dental emergency services, as well as appointment bookings.
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