Dentist whitening Houston is an ideal way of brightening your smile so that your self-esteem will receive a boost. There are many teeth whitening systems for professional whitening but there is a widely acceptable set of steps which most dentists will follow. These steps are discussed below for your reading pleasure.

Step 1 – Cleaning Your Teeth

Before dentist whitening Houston can take place, you need to go for a thorough professional cleaning by your dentist. This will ensure that accumulated tartar, surface staining and debris are eliminated. This step alone may be enough for you in order to enhance your smile but if it is necessary to go to the next level, the decision will be taken by your dentist in conjunction with you. Thereafter, the cleaning process will start with the careful buffing of your teeth with the aid of a polishing paste so that any accumulated debris or stain is completed eliminated.

Step 2 – Determining Your Pretreatment Tooth Shade

The color of your teeth before treatment will be recorded so that the progress of your dentist whitening Houston will be properly monitored. A shade guide containing various tooth-shaped porcelain labels of different colors will be used by your dentist. An electronic device may also be used to record the shade of your teeth or the picture of your current shade taken.

Step 3 – Isolating Your Teeth

Whiteners containing highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide used for dentist whitening Houston are corrosive and can lead to irritation or damage of the soft tissues of your mouth such as tongue, cheeks, lips and gums. As a result of this, a dental dam will be used to isolate your teeth so that the bleaching gel will not have any contact with the soft tissues. A liquid dam in form of a gel may be used and it will just be applied to the gum tissue. A curing light will be applied to the gel so that it can form a hard barrier on the gum tissue. The whitening gel will then be applied on the isolated teeth and when the procedure is completed, the dental dam will be removed.

Advantages of Dentist Whitening

Dentist whitening Houston brings forth faster results than do-it-yourself (DIY) whitening. It is the safest type of whitening as tooth and gum sensitivity are easily controlled. Because the gels produced in today’s world are thicker. Thick gels will not get soaked into your teeth. And desensitizers like fluoride and potassium nitrate are used to prevent sensitivity. However, results of the procedure may not be permanent. Hence, you may need to follow up with home maintenance kit which will be recommended by your dentist.

Stains That are Best Removed by a Professional

Professional whitening is ideal for getting rid of organic stains mainly caused by aging, teeth-staining foods, smoking and so on. As we grow older, our teeth get discolored. And you will start seeing grey, green, brown or yellow cast. This can be hereditary or caused by your eating habits. But the good news is that they can be whitened by your dentist. Especially the yellow cast which response very well to treatment. Your eating habit can also contribute to your teeth discoloration. Red wine, soda, coffee as well as dark-colored fruits and vegetables have the capacity of staining your teeth. Smoking causes severe staining in your dentition too. And it is better to quit because of other problems that smoking can cause.

Stains Resistant to In-Office Whitening

Some stains like inorganic stains are resistant to office whitening and may not respond properly to teeth whitening treatment. Trauma can make your dentin to be discolored and this can be very difficult to bleach. Furthermore, when a child’s teeth are being formed and tetracycline antibiotics is used. The teeth with be badly discolored and may need a severe approach. In addition, if your teeth is overexposed to fluoride, it can lead to fluorosis, which can cause severe discoloration.

Are You a Candidate?

Whitening procedures are not ideal for everybody. Consequently, you should consult with your dentist so that your eligibility can be confirmed. Ideally, if your gums and teeth are hypersensitive, you may not be fit for the procedure. Home whitening may be recommended for you. But it is important for you to note that it may not be as effective as office bleaching. This is because the concentration of home cleaning kits are very low. And you should not expect a superior result through this process. Safety issues are considered when producing home whitening products. And regulatory agencies only approve low concentrated products. Because majority of users may not fully understand safety tips regarding their application.
Furthermore, some stains are intractable and deep which requires specialized treatment. Your dentist will work out a treatment plan if it is discovered your discoloration falls into this category. In addition to office whitening, a systematic home whitening plan will be worked out in order to achieve highly recommended results. Alternatives to bleaching may also be recommended for you. Some of them include veneers, crown and bonding. Some teeth are actually transparent due to aging and this is common with front teeth. Hence, whitening may not be an option for a condition like this. No matter the condition of your teeth or the degree of discoloration, you should endeavor to see your emergency dentist. So that an ideal treatment plan that will solve your problem is going to be worked out.

The Bottom Line

Dentist whitening Houston is definitely an option if you are contemplating on boosting your smile. However, you need the right Houston dentist so that your treatment will be hitch-free. The process can only be successful if you choose an ideal dental professional. And no stone should be left unturned in this regard. Your treatment deserves to be outstanding. But if you don’t get it right in the area of choosing a dentist near me, you may not achieve the result of your desire.

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