Adult Dentist Near Me in Houston, TX

Clearly, it is common knowledge that for any problem or issue that has to do with the teeth, a dentist should be consulted. If you are in Houston and find an adult dentist near me that can cater to the dental needs of yourself and your family, including providing affordable treatment sessions, then URBN Dental is just the perfect place for you to be.

Dentist For Adults Near Me In Houston

According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan, one-third of all middle-aged Americans have bad teeth and only 40% of them go to the dentist.

With oral and teeth diseases on the rise, it is natural for you to worry about where to get a dental checkup. If you simply Google “find a dentist near me,” you’ll receive hundreds of results on how to find a dentist to care for your oral health.

If you reside in or around Houston, look no further. URBN Dental has highly recommended local dentist in Houston.

The Best Adult Dentist Near Me

There are many distinguishing factors that help a dental facility stand out.

At URBN Dental, our staff — from the dentist right down to the dental assistants, hygienists, and administrative staff — comprises of extremely professional and friendly individuals who place your comfort as a top priority.

Our clinic is a space where you can relax and feel comfortable. Our customer support team answers all of your questions. You also receive a complete overview of our treatment procedures so that you know exactly what to expect.

No detail is too small. Everything, from information regarding the dental x-rays to the complexities of various dental procedures, is explained to you to involve you in your treatment process. There are no surprises.

Not only does this establish trust, but it also reassures you that your oral health is in the right hands.

We are proud to say that we’ve treated patients from a wide array of backgrounds and walks of life. To us, the only thing that matters is that the patient leaves our clinic with healthy teeth and a happy smile. Our commitment to our patients’ comfort and holistic well-being is evident through our patient testimonials.

The Best Dentist For You And Your Family

People — especially young children — are often hesitant about visiting the dentist. You may be tempted to suffer through your toothache in the hope that it subsides on its own. We highly recommend against this.

You should visit an adult dentist near me​ at the first hint of a toothache. This is especially true for families with young children because their teeth are prone to cavities and dental diseases.

If you Google “best family dentist near me,” you’ll find many recommendations. But URBN Dental definitely distinguishes itself from the crowd as a highly recommended family dental clinic in Houston, TX.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to address issues like cavities in children’s teeth. In addition to the right equipment, the environment in our dental clinic is homely and warm, perfectly suited to keep children entertained.

A trip to the dentist can be a frightening experience for a child. But we boast many amenities and facilities — along with extremely friendly staff — to keep children entertained so that they actively look forward to their regular dental visits.

The same goes for adults, young and old.

At URBN Dental, we believe a wholesome experience is just as important as quality treatment. That’s what makes us highly recommended family dental clinic in Houston, TX.

The Most Reliable Adult Dentist Near Me in Houston

Not only are our dentists friendly and patient, but they also offer great advice regarding taking care of your oral health. Be it a cosmetic procedure or a medical one; we offer valuable advice and guidance on treatments, after-care, regular oral hygiene, etc.

URBN Dental is also a highly recommended emergency dental clinic in Houston. If you run into a dental emergency, call us at 832-743-2989 and set up an appointment immediately. We understand that making a call or booking an appointment may not be feasible during an emergency, so we accept walk-in emergency appointments. In case of emergencies, walk into our clinic, regardless of the time of day.

We also provide several preventative care services that help you keep dental and oral diseases at bay. Our preventative services effectively stave off dental diseases in adults of all ages.

Various studies and reports have shown that people between the ages of 60 and 80 are extremely likely to develop a range of dental diseases. Old age naturally increases the likelihood of dental diseases, tooth decay, and other issues. The absence of proper dental care exacerbates these issues. Furthermore, oral hygiene habits that work in youth are not enough in your advanced years.

Our dentists at URBN Dental coach mature patients on specific dental hygiene routines to stave off decay and disease. They recommend specific oral habits and dental products that drastically slow the decay process and ensure that your teeth remain healthy and strong.

Variety of Dental Treatments

URBN Dental offers a wide range of treatments such as pulpotomy, tissue biopsy, nightguard, bite adjustments, dental crowns, root canal, regular dental fillings, among others. Our laser gum treatment is especially popular amongst elderly patients as it restores gum health.

Dental Cleaning and Polishing

Regular brushing and flossing aren’t enough to get rid of all of the plaque and food particles in your mouth. That’s where dental cleaning and polishing come in. During this procedure, a dental hygienist uses a scaler and other tools to remove all of the built-up plaque and tartar between your teeth and gums. This helps counter bad breath and a number of periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.


MouthGuards often referred to as sports guards or mouth protectors, are devices that you apply to your teeth to protect them from damage. They can also help people who suffer from nighttime grinding and clenching. These mouthguards are made of acrylic plastic and placed on the upper arch of the mouth to protect your teeth from fractures. At URBN Dental, we can have your custom-fitted for some of the highly recommended and most efficient mouth guards in the industry to counter damages and teeth grinding.

Dental Veneers

A lot of people are self-conscious about their teeth and their appearance, which prevents them from smiling freely. If you’re uncomfortable with your smile, you can choose a dental veneer service to enhance your appearance. Dental veneers are basically porcelain, resin, or ceramic veneers placed in front of the teeth to either restore their original appearance after an accident or to give you a complete smile makeover.

Root Canal Treatment

If you are suffering from gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, it may so happen that your gums and teeth and beyond saving. In that case, the dentist needs to act fast to prevent the infection from spreading. The root canal is a treatment in which the damaged or diseased gums and nerves are removed to prevent bacterial spread. Once your gums and teeth have been removed, you can get dentures fitted that look just like real teeth.

Top-Rated Dentist Near Me For Adults

So far, we have mentioned how our clinic’s environment and our expertise make us the best dental clinic in Houston. But there is so much more to URBN Dental.

We are extremely committed to using the safest and most ethical dental products for all your treatments. We only provide BPA-free and Mercury-free fillings to our patients.

BPA is a chemical often found in dental products. Though it’s less dangerous in trace amounts, some concerning studies have revealed negative effects on young children. At URBN Dental, we do not risk your health by rejecting dental products that exude even a trace of the harmful chemical.

If you have any other questions, call us at 832-743-2989 or visit your nearest URBN Dental clinic.


Diagnostic & Preventative FAQs



How long can a tooth abscess wait for treatment?

A tooth abscess is a bag of pus, which can be seen at the side of the gum or at the tip of the root. This kind of pus is usually caused by a bacterial infection, which can form due to a dental cavity that has been left untreated. Some of the symptoms of tooth abscess are sensitivity from hot or cold and from pressure due to biting and chewing, it can also cause the person to have a fever and to swell on the cheek or face, swollen lymph nodes, severe toothache, etc. If you are wondering how long can you wait to treat it? Then the answer is as soon as possible.

At first, you won’t feel pain when it’s being formed, this doesn’t mean that you can leave it untreated. If it’s left untreated for a longer time, then it can cause heavy pain which can spread to facial spaces. A very bad infection can occur which may require an IV antibiotic treatment and sometimes the need to be hospitalized due to the intensity of the pain. The spread of the infection can also cause trouble in breathing. It can also require the removal of the tooth to finish the infection completely. But to summarize it, tooth abscess needs to be treated right away before anything serious happens.

How much dental work have dentists had done?

Dentist determine and treat issues relating to teeth and tissues in the mouth, alongside giving guidance and controlling care to help avert future issues. They give guidance on eating routine and diet, brushing, flossing, the usage of fluorides, and different parts of dental care. A dentist is responsible for various procedures which may incorporate teeth brightening. This is a less expensive and less complex method for reestablishing your smile. It includes teeth being bleached with the utilization of particular equipment.

Another treatment can be setting veneers; this includes altered shells that are utilized to cover the teeth. It’s a dainty layer comprised of porcelain which is bonded with the tooth. It is possible for some tooth enamel to be removed during this treatment. An option to this can be dental bonding which is more affordable than veneers. Laser light is utilized to bond it with the tooth, and it works in fixing damaged teeth. The weakness of this can be that it might recolor with time.

A dentist can likewise do crowning if the patient doesn’t need veneers or cosmetic bonding. This includes a top used to cover the harmed tooth, and it is useful in reshaping its appearance totally. Inlays and Onlays is another sort of teeth filling a dentist does to fill decayed or chipped off teeth. This restores the patient’s smile. Dental implants are another approach to fill in the holes because of missing teeth by embedding a tooth root into the jawbone. Different choices can be braces, bridges, dentures that can likewise be applied by a dentist.

How to get rid of dental structure and gum problems?

The dental structure which is a study related to human tooth structure which consists of a tooth surface which is known as the crown and the root. The dental structure can be affected due to several causes like not brushing, eating unhealthy, and by consuming excessive sugary foods and these problems cause tooth decay and it disturbs the dental structure. These problems and cause tooth pain and sensitivity. To prevent such types of complications regular checkups are needed. And nowadays several types of treatments are accessible for people to overcome this problem.

Like fluoride treatment, this helps restore the tooth’s enamel and in the early stages it can reverse a cavity and fillings can be done if the decay had crossed its early stage and these also restore your teeth. Crowns can be put if it is an extensive decay or a weakened tooth. This replaced the tooth’s natural crown completely; root canals can be done if the decay has reached the center of the tooth also known as pulp. And this helps repair an infected or badly damaged tooth from the inside, and the pulp is removed to clear any infection and then that pulp is replaced with a filling. Tooth extracts a very common treatment is don’t to decayed teeth with cannot be restored and have to be removed.

Gum problems are related to bacteria, and it forms a dental plaque that is sticky, soft and forms on teeth on a daily. If this gets prolonged tartar sticks to the teeth that cannot be brushed it flossed away. The bacteria enter the bloodstream and infect the whole body. The prognosis of this problem is to have good and healthy oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, u should brush twice a day and floss daily. People with braces and crowns should be extra precautions, and good dental hygiene is required as well.

How to treat gum boils in children? How can they be prevented?

A gum boil is sort of a swollen bump on the gum filled with an abscess which is formed due to bacteria from the plaque on the teeth or leftover food between the teeth or even tooth decay. The gum boil can be of three types according to their location. One type is the gingival abscess formed on the gumline, periapical abscess at the root of the tooth and periodontal abscess in the tissues between the teeth. The symptoms of gum boil in children include pus discharge, bleeding, sometimes fever, sensitivity to hot or cold and from pressure due to biting, also swollen gums.

As gum boils are due to poor oral hygiene, highly recommended thing to prevent them is to maintain good oral hygiene which can be done by brushing and flossing twice a day, especially after having a meal. Also, children should avoid taking in sugary items as sugar can cause tooth decay which can ultimately lead to gum boils. If you want to get it treated by a dentist, he will recommend taking in antibiotics or getting a deep cleaning done. In some cases, you might also need to get a root canal done to treat gum boils.

How seriously do you take dental treatments?

We at URBN Dental make sure to give equal importance to each, and every patient as no treatment is lesser than the other. Our qualified dentists make sure that all patients get quality treatments done. If dental treatments are not taken seriously, it can lead to further serious problems. Same goes to the patient as neglect in dental treatment can lead to delay as well as the problem getting seriously. If you have a tooth cavity caused by tooth decay and don’t go to the dentist to get the cavity filled, then it’s possible that an infection can cause leading to tooth abscess forming.

Other treatments that can get serious if not treated are the misalignment of teeth. If you are in the middle of a treatment which requires you to wear retainers and you don’t wear them for the prescribed time, then it is likely that your teeth start to drift and cause a delay in the procedure. In short, it is very important to take dental treatments seriously either it’s the dentist or the patient.

Is laser dental treatment safe?

Lasers have started to be used in dentistry, and it does not have the long track record that traditional cleanings have. Lasers help remove tartar buildup on a person’s teeth and in their gums this provides a thorough cleaning of the mouth and the beams of the laser help penetrate a soft tissue area that scalars cannot but lasers can. Hard lasers can something’s injure pulp and some laser procedures still require anesthesia which can be harmful at times and drills are still sometimes needed to complete fillings that include shaping, adjusting the bite and polishing the filling; there is a risk of gum injury. But it is safe in the sense that it does not affect surrounding tissues and reduces the amount of bleeding. It also doesn’t have side effects and is a fast recovery treatment, and the results may stay for long term.

Can an abscessed tooth be pulled?

An abscessed tooth involves an infection in the pulp area of the tooth, which causes immense pain. This is caused due to tooth decay when the bacteria gain entry into the tooth’s root and forms a pus pocket. This can be treated by getting it drained by the dentist. You may be prescribed to take antibiotics and pain relievers while the infection is being treated. The antibiotics will remove the bacteria in the abscess. But to permanently get rid of the symptoms you can get the tooth extracted. By doing this, you will not be subjected to any future tooth abscess in that tooth. Before removing the tooth, the antibiotics will prevent any rapid spread of the infection. However, it’s better not to get the tooth removed instead opt for a root canal to drain the pus and treat the infection later on with antibiotics.

Can I go to the ER for severe tooth pain?

Any dental issue that needs prompt treatment to stop the bleeding, ease severe pain, or spare a tooth is viewed as an emergency problem. This thought additionally applies to serious contaminations that can be dangerous. If you suffer from an emergency after office hours, then you can go for emergency rooms to get a painkiller or get an urgent treatment if the situation is serious. Emergency rooms can be considered in the case of knocked out or chipped off the tooth, or even if there is severe pain due to a tooth abscess. So, yes you can go to the emergency room for severe tooth pain. The best way to avoid any emergencies is to maintain good oral health to treat current issues and to prevent any future infections that may occur.

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