If you’re in or around Houston, TX, we encourage you to set up appointments with URBN Dental, one of Houston’s safest local dentists. URBN Dental has implemented the strictest TDA and CDC guidelines and measures to ensure workplace safety, patient safety, and the entire community’s safety. If you’re wondering “how to get a local dentist appointment during coronavirus (COVID-19),” we’ve got the answer.

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You can schedule an URBN Dental appointment online at one of our two locations — Midtown Houston and Uptown Houston. After you’ve scheduled your appointment, you’ll need to enter some COVID-19 questionnaires and screening forms to help us ensure everyone’s safety. On the day of the appointment, you can drive over to our dental clinic and park the car outside.

Once you’ve reached, you can communicate with our dental clinic staff via text messages. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve temporarily closed our waiting rooms, and we encourage all patients to wait outside in their cars. Our dental clinic staff will let you know once the dentist is ready to meet with you, and then you can go straight to the dentist. You won’t even have to wait at the reception to fill in any forms, because we’ve also introduced online forms.

As such, all appointment protocols can be handled in a socially distanced manner for your safety. Please continue reading to learn more about our COVID-19 Dental preparations, precautions, and how to find the right local emergency dentist wherever you are.

How does your local dentist office follow CDC guidelines?

These days, whenever you consider scheduling an appointment with a local dentist office near me, you must ask them how they follow all the CDC guidelines. At URBN Dental, we strictly follow all CDA and TDA guidelines regarding COVID-19, ensuring the safety of our dentists, staff, patients, and the community. Our implementation of the CDC and TDA guidelines can be divided into two sections — precautions for the dental office and precautions for patients.

Let’s start with the first — our precautions for our local dental office:

  • We have hand sanitization and hygiene stations all around the dental clinic.
  • We provide additional personal protective equipment for our entire dental staff. We provide gloves, masks, face shields, eyewear — everyone must be in full PPE.
  • We follow respiratory and coughing etiquettes, including wearing masks.
  • We follow Sharps safety protocols, i.e., a series of protocols that denote engineering and HVAC practices to prevent the spread of germs of viruses.
  • We follow the safest injection protocols.
  • We regularly disinfect and clean all the housekeeping surfaces, such as tables, chairs, etc. Anything that anyone rests their hands on is thoroughly sanitized several times a day.
  • We maintain clean and sterilized instruments and tools.

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Now, let’s move on to the second set of protocols — our precautions for patients:

  • All patients have to check-in via text messages while waiting in their car parked outside the dental clinic. We’ll notify you when the dentist is ready to receive you.
  • We’ve incorporated no-contact screenings and temperature checks.
  • All patients are asked to wear masks inside the dental clinic. If you don’t already have a mask, one will be provided for you.
  • We’ve implemented pre-appointment patient screenings.
  • You have to fill up a COVID-19 questionnaire before you even enter the clinic.
  • We only accept a few dental appointments per day to ensure minimal patient traffic in the waiting area. We don’t want you to come in contact with other patients.

What are some tips for choosing a local dentist?

The following are some tips to consider when choosing a local dentist either in Houston or elsewhere:

  • Make sure the dental clinic follows all the CDC and TDA guidelines for everyone’s safety during coronavirus. You can ask the dental clinic about their policies and precautions directly.
  • They should have online consultations and appointments.
  • They should have 5-star ratings and reviews from patients.
  • The dental clinic should be in an accessible and thriving location.
  • They must provide the latest cutting-edge dental treatments for all dental problems.
  • They must accept all major insurance plans.
  • The dental clinic should be attractive and family-friendly for kids.

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Visit our trusted local dentist in Houston, TX.

URBN Dental is one of the most trusted local dental clinics in Houston, TX. As mentioned earlier, we incorporate all CDC and TDA guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. Furthermore, our dental clinic is also incredibly accessible to everyone in Houston, TX. We have two dental clinics — URBN Dental Midtown and URBN Dental Uptown.

The URBN Dental Midtown office is located in Houston’s most thriving cultural and artistic neighborhoods between Downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, right beside the Ensemble Theater or HCC Metro Rail stop. You can access the street and garage parking without additional costs.

The URBN Dental Uptown office is located between River Oaks District and Highland Village, just a short walk from The Galleria shopping mall. This is one of Houston’s most exclusive locations, known for boutique restaurants, juiceries, fitness studios, etc. Visitors can use our parking lot for no additional costs.

For more information, please book your dental appointment online or call us at (713) 322-8442 (Uptown) or 783-3227 (Midtown).

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