#Help for Tooth Abscess with an Emergency Dentist in My Area

How long until a tooth infection kills you? A tooth infection develops only when the bacteria penetrates into the nerve or soft tissue of the tooth, which is known as the pulp. It might be developed from tooth decay, any previous injury, or a dental process. While it is very rare to kills the tooth infection. But still, people search for this basic question – “How long until a tooth infection kills you?” An untreated tooth infection may spread to other tissues in the body within the week or months. Such things will generally lead to life-threatening difficulties. However, to cover all the things about tooth infection, read on below to learn more about this.

A tooth abscess can be an emergency dental situation. You may have pain, fever, and swelling. Call your dentist immediately if you have pain in your mouth. Sometimes the dentist can catch an infection early enough to avoid complications. An abscess is an infection that usually starts in the pulp of the teeth. The infection then moves to the gumline or even into the bone. An emergency dentist can help to stabilize the situation.

how long until a tooth infection kills you

Find an Emergency Dentist in my Area

It is good to know where your emergency dentists are located before you ever need one. Talk to your regular dentist about emergency care. Many dentists have an emergency protocol to help their patients both during office hours and after. You may need to call a different phone number to access emergency treatment from our dentist after hours.

How does emergency dentistry work?

Some dentists work you in during the day if you have an emergency. After hours, they may meet you at the office after you call the emergency answering system. Your dentist can give you information about an emergency dentist in my area, as well. If you have an emergency and do not know where to call, do a quick online search to find an emergency dental clinic near me.

What are common dental emergencies?

It is common to go to an emergency dentist for injuries. You can knock out a permanent tooth during sports, for example. Problems after dental procedures and infections may also warrant emergency dental care.

how long until a tooth infection kills you

Why you Need to Schedule a Dentist Appointment for Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can result from several different things. Find a dentist open near me to help you deal with tooth pain quickly. You may be able to treat minor pain with a simple filling. When you find decay quickly, it is easier to save your tooth. URBN Dental can help you solve the problem.

Tooth pain, however, can be a sign of a bacterial infection. This can spread into the gums or bone. Rarely, the bacteria can move into your bloodstream causing sepsis. This is incredibly dangerous and can be fatal. Early treatment involves draining the abscess, antibiotics, and repair or extraction of the tooth.

How long can a tooth abscess wait for treatment?

Want to know about how long until a tooth infection kills you. You need to get treatment for a tooth abscess as soon as possible, so the infection does not spread. An abscess is painful and can result in the loss of a tooth.

How an Emergency Dentist Near Me can Help with an Abscess

An emergency dentist may stabilize the patient until they can see their regular dentist. There are different degrees of severity with an abscess. The dentist may need to perform an emergency root canal to remove the infection immediately. Severe cases may require an emergency tooth extraction. For a small abscess, you may get antibiotics to begin healing.

Can a Tooth Infection Kill You

Understanding the Symptoms of a Tooth Abscess: Call Dentist

It is best for individuals to be aware of changes in their dental health. You can ask questions when you visit the dentist or read some online articles. If something hurts or just doesn’t feel right, call a dentist in River Oaks for an appointment immediately. A dentist at URBN Dental can help determine the severity of dental issues.  There are few noticeable signs of a tooth abscess.

  •         Swelling
  •         Pain, Common areas include the tooth, gumline, and jaw
  •         Bad taste in the mouth
  •         Fever (may indicate a spreading infection)
  •         A warm or hot feeling in the mouth or on the face
  •         Swollen lymph nodes
  •         Pain or soreness in the face or neck

An infection that spreads to the bloodstream can cause a serious drop in blood pressure and it is necessary to go to a hospital for treatment. You should take dizziness, fainting, and fever very seriously.

Finding out the Cause of my Tooth Abscess: Find me a Dentist

A dentist nearby can help you find out what caused your tooth abscess. It is usually the result of a decaying tooth. Foreign objects, such as food, can get under the gumline, as well. Bacteria continue to grow when you do not seek proper dental treatment.

Help in a Hurry: Emergency Dentist Near Me Open Today

Sudden tooth pain can catch you by surprise. If you must find emergency dental care quickly, look online for the nearest dentist or emergency dentist near me. You can often call any dentist and get a recording explaining who to call for an emergency.

You may also be able to get information from your local hospital emergency room, as they often have resources for different situations. It is very helpful to have a dentist open near me if you have kids that play sports, as this is when many injuries happen.

Get Control of a Tooth Abscess: Find the Best Dentist in my Area

When you treat an abscess early, you are more likely to save the tooth. Make a dental appointment quickly to get the infection under control. Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics, drain the abscess, or do a root canal. Sometimes, extraction is the only way to solve the problem.

How to get rid of a gum abscess?

Dentists use antibiotics to deal with small abscesses. Other dental work may be necessary, such as a root canal or extraction.

Dangers of an Abscess: Dentist Near Me Now

An emergency dentist can help if you have an abscess. Some dental clinics have extended hours so you can get help during the evenings or weekends. Any infection in the body can cause major health issues. Seek dental service quickly to avoid major problems.

  •         The infection moves into the bone
  •         The infection moves into the bloodstream
  •         Loss of a tooth

Treatment for an Abscess with a Dentist Close to Me

Check with your dental insurance to find the name of a dentist close to me. You can specifically search for emergency clinics online, as well. Your dentist may notice an abscess during a routine exam. You should call for an appointment if you notice pain or swelling. If you need an extraction, your dentist can recommend cosmetic procedures to replace the tooth.


How do I kill gum disease?

You need to commit to routine dental care to get rid of gum disease. Start with a good cleaning and exam. You also need to improve dental hygiene skills at home.

Where do I get Emergency Dentist in My Area?

Check with your dentist to learn about their emergency protocol. You can also search for emergency dental clinics online. If your dentist offers evening and weekend hours, you may be able to see your regular dentist during an emergency, as well. 

What are some treatments for tooth decay?

Decay is usually treated with a filling or root canal. Severe decay may result in an extraction.

Are there any drops for tooth pain?

Most dentists recommend over the counter pain relievers for tooth pain. You must see a dentist, however, to find the source of the pain and resolve the problem. 

What do people look for in choosing a dentist?

Everyone has personal preferences when choosing a dentist. Other than proper education and experience, you may need other services. For example, busy families may benefit from a dentist with weekend hours. You may also need a dentist that is good with all age groups. 

It is best to go to the dentist immediately if you notice pain or swelling. Your dentist may be able to save the tooth if you get treatment quickly. Emergency care may be necessary if your symptoms are severe. Call URBN Dental to get help today.

A tooth abscess can cause a great deal of pain and swelling. You may notice tooth pain, swelling of the gums, or pain in your jaw. A severe abscess can work its way into the bone, causing damage. You may even need emergency care to get things under control. An abscess can also cause swollen lymph nodes, soreness in the face, and neck pain. It is best to seek treatment quickly so the infection does not spread. Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics, complete a root canal, or extract the tooth. Talk to your dental office about emergency care. Many dentists have a protocol in place. You may call the answering service and wait for the doctor to call you back.

The doctor can then decide if you need emergency care or if you can wait until regular office hours. Many dentists remain on-call and meet with patients after-hours for emergencies. Some practices have several dentists on staff that takes turns with emergency patients. Other times, your dentist gives you a number for an emergency dentist in the area. This is the place you go for after-hours dental service. If your tooth abscess causes fever, dizziness, fainting, or nausea, you should go to the nearest hospital. This can indicate a dangerous condition called sepsis. Go to your routine visits and practice good hygiene skills to prevent a tooth abscess.

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