As parents, we get to experience a variety of fascinating activities and live our lives while our children grow up. If you are a first-time parent, you will have to learn various things like what things will be essential for their proper growth and nourishment. The journey of bringing up kids is always educational and exciting. With other necessary things, we also have to learn about taking care of their teeth so they can always be healthy and happy.

You must know about basic things like when your kids will loose baby teeth and when permanent teeth will come. Keep reading to learn more about baby teeth.

At What Age Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

A child’s primary teeth start to fall out at the age of six. Although, it can be delayed by a year for some kids. Generally, baby teeth are in their place until and unless the permanent teeth push them out. If your kid loses its baby teeth at an early stage due to reasons like tooth decay or an accident, the possibilities are that a permanent tooth might drift into the open space. It can result in overcrowded and crooked teeth.

In What Order Do Kids Lose Teeth?

According to dentists, the lower central incisors are the first baby teeth to fall out after that the two top front teeth (upper central incisors) and lastly the lateral incisors, canines, molars, and second molars.

Moreover, baby teeth fall out in the same sequence that they erupt. As a parent, you will notice that the bottom front teeth will go first then the top front teeth, and so on. It is a very common process for kids. If your kids get baby teeth at an early age, they will lose them early too. And the kids who got their temporary teeth late often lose them around the age of eight.

How Can I Care For My Child’s Oral Health?

Once you notice that your child has its first baby tooth, you should educate your kid to practice good oral care. Additionally, if your child starts losing its baby teeth and permanent teeth replacing them, it is necessary to teach them about proper dental care. Once you see kids losing teeth, you can follow the tips given below;

Oral Care After Losing Baby Teeth:

Your kids may experience a little pain or discomfort when teeth fall out. Following the loss of their baby teeth, ensure your children follow the advice below;

  • Make your kids rinse their mouths with a saline water solution to help clean their gums.
  • Cover the area with a piece of gauze, known as a socket, and tell them not to spit as it can lead to bleeding.
  • If there is still pain or discomfort, you can use a cooled wet cloth over the affected area.

Oral Care Once Permanent Teeth Start Coming Up:

  • Teach your child to brush teeth twice a day under your supervision.
  • Offer your help while cleaning the teeth.
  • Make sure your child is cleaning in between the teeth.
  • Encourage kids to have a healthy diet.
  • Stop kids from eating sugary food and beverages.
  • Visit your emergency dentist regularly.

Hence, if your children practice oral hygiene rules properly, their permanent teeth will last a lifetime.

Should I Pull Out My Child’s Loose Tooth?

It might be possible that a loose tooth will disturb your kids and you are confused about whether you should take the loose tooth out or not. Parents should encourage them to have patience as it will come out on their own. Still, I have doubts about whether to do it or not? Consider some facts first before pulling a loose tooth.

Reason For Tooth Loose:

  • There can be different reasons for losing baby teeth, it does not always mean that the permanent teeth are coming. Usually, children get loosened teeth when they are playing and the teeth are hit or they fall. If the reason is a hit or sudden fall, you need to visit the dentist near me as there might be a risk of infection or damage to permanent teeth.


  • Usually, children lose their teeth in the same order as they get them. Front teeth go first when kids are about six or seven years old. When the permanent teeth start to erupt, it penetrates the roots of teeth until the teeth start dissolving and loose enough to fall with no pain or blood.

On the other hand, if the loose tooth is not ready to fall out and you attempt to pull it out, it can hurt sensitive tooth roots driving unwanted pain. Still, if you are unsure, visit a dentist nearby to be sure about the situation.

Best Ways To Deal With A Loose Tooth:

According to the experts, make sure that the tooth is very loose or hangs in the cavity. Ask your kid if they feel pain while touching the tooth. If they are feeling pain then it’s a sign that the roots are not dissolved properly so that the tooth can fall out. Therefore, you should wait until it falls on your own.

When Does My Child Need To Visit The Dentist?

The dentist’s first visit is about educating kids’ parents on how to take care of children’s teeth. When your kids start drinking milk with the cup and do not eat snacks or drink in the middle of the night, it is the perfect time to visit the dentist every six months. At this time, the age would be 4 to 6.

During the first dentist visit, dentists can take an X-ray of the first set of teeth to observe whether there are signs of cavities or not. Once the examination part is over, the dentist will clean your kid’s teeth and teach you about the daily oral hygiene rules.

If your kids start crying during the dental examination, there is no need to worry as it is quite normal. Moreover, dentists do understand kids’ behavior because it is a new experience for your children.

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