Convenient locations in the Hamptons, South Shore, and North Shore, LI.

The Spider Vein and Varicose Vein Treatment Clinic, Long Island, is a group of state-of-the-art vein clinics led by world-renowned vein experts in Long Island. The group consists of three strategically located vein clinics, one taking up each corner of the island — South Shore, North Shore, and the Hamptons.

All three Long Island vein clinics are incredibly accessible to patients in the neighboring regions. Furthermore, since they’re strategically distributed across the island, all Long Island residents can reach a vein clinic within a few minutes from their home or place of work. As far as the location is concerned, the vein clinics in Long Island couldn’t be better placed.

The Vein Treatment Clinic Long Island is one of the most popular vein clinics in Long Island, led by world-renowned vein experts. This article reviews the vein clinics and vein specialists in Long Island.

5-star ratings and reviews from patients across numerous online platforms.

The state-of-the-art spider vein and varicose vein clinics in Long Island have 5-star ratings and reviews from all their patients across all platforms, Google, Real Self, and Facebook. Patients can leave completely unbiased reviews and testimonials for their vein clinics in the aforementioned platforms, and the vein clinic can’t modify or manipulate the reviews. This ensures complete accuracy. As such, the only way to maintain 5-star reviews after seeing hundreds of patients is to maintain a flawless track record and the highest standards of patient care.

Board-certified, fellowship-trained vein experts with specialized training in vein treatments.

The board-certified, fellowship-trained vein experts specialize in minimally invasive spider vein and varicose vein treatments and vascular imaging. While that may seem like a basic requirement, it’s actually pretty unique. Vein treatments can be performed by all kinds of doctors, including dermatologists, podiatrists, and general physicians. In fact, most medical centers and vein clinics hire general doctors for vein treatments rather than vein specialists.

Consulting a non-specialist isn’t a great idea because they’re less likely to identify and treat the root cause of spider veins and varicose veins. Most vein problems occur due to underlying chronic venous insufficiency, so you need a doctor with specialized training in the cardiovascular system, circulatory system, and vein-related specialists for optimal care. Visiting general doctors in medical spas will likely increase your risk of recurrence.

The vein treatment clinics in Long Island are led by the world’s foremost vein experts — Dr. Kamran Saraf, Dr. Caroline Novak, and Dr. Thomas Arnold. All of their vein doctors have specialized training that relates to venous disease and treatments. Dr. Saraf specialized in general surgery at Texas Medical Center, Dr. Novak is board-certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, and Dr. Arnold has close to 30 years of experience with vein treatments.

As such, you can rest assured that your vein care will be handled by the most talented and experienced Long Island vein specialists.

Voluntary accreditation from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission is an organization that reviews and certifies medical centers that meet a broad range of strict protocols and requirements to ensure patient safety. IAC accreditation is entirely voluntary, so most vein clinics don’t put themselves through rigorous tests and evaluations. Furthermore, only a handful of vein clinics actually pass their tests and receive certification.

The spider vein and varicose vein clinics in Long Island have volunteered for IAC accreditation. And they have successfully succeeded, establishing them as the country’s leading vein clinics in terms of safety and cutting-edge technologies.

A comprehensive vein care approach that focuses on diagnosis and treatment.

The spider vein and varicose vein clinic in Long Island follows a comprehensive vein care approach. Instead of treating spider veins and varicose veins directly (as so many vein clinics do), they diagnose the underlying chronic venous insufficiency first. They examine your leg veins, review your medical history, and perform duplex ultrasound tests to visualize the blood flow in your leg veins. Identifying venous insufficiency allows them to provide comprehensive vein treatments with long-lasting results.

An emphasis on minimally invasive vein treatments instead of vascular surgery.

The vein treatment clinics in Long Island only provide minimally invasive vein treatments instead of vascular surgery. Minimally invasive vein treatments, such as radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, sclerotherapy, and venaseal, are in-office procedures that conclude within an hour with no downtime. These procedures address the root cause of your vein problems and alleviate the superficial symptoms, such as leg heaviness, restless leg syndrome, and spider veins. Vascular surgeries, such as ambulatory phlebectomy, are only recommended in severe cases of large varicose veins.

Free insurance verification for all patients.

The vein treatment clinic in Long Island accepts all major insurance plans and provides free insurance verification to all patients. An insurance concierge will handle all your insurance details and optimize your insurance coverage possibilities. Furthermore, they provide a complete cost breakdown before your treatment, so you can proceed with complete mental clarity of your financial situation.

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