What Does a Vein Treatment Center in Lindenhurst Do?

A reputable, accredited vein treatment center in Lindenhurst provides corrective, therapeutic, and preventive treatments to restore and maintain the health of your veins. This includes physical examinations, duplex ultrasound scans, and lab work to identify the source of your troubled veins, as well as state of the art treatments to correct the issue. Unlike spas and dermatology or cosmetic surgery centers, vein treatment centers are usually run by board certified vein doctors who specialize in treating both superficial vein damage and underlying vein disease. Vein treatment centers offer Lindenhurst residents comprehensive relief of their vein issues, rather than a temporary fix for a chronic problem.

What Services Do Vein Centers in Lindenhurst Provide?

Vein centers in Lindenhurst don’t all offer the same level of care. Some are essentially spas that are only qualified to perform topical laser treatments or injections in the veins you can see at the surface of your skin. Others are highly trained medical groups that offer the full spectrum of vein treatments, from sclerotherapy to radiofrequency ablation, to vein adhesives and vein surgery. Choosing a medical center is your best bet, since you don’t know what is causing the visible veins or vein symptoms you’re experiencing. More often than not, the issue isn’t a singular vein, but an issue with overburdened or injured veins that feed into the vein you see. Treating the surface damage is only a stop gap, and destined to fail, if you don’t treat the actual issue. Visit our vein treatment center in Lindenhurst, or any of our Long Island vein centers for long-term resolution of your damaged veins.

Want to book an appointment at a vein treatment center in Lindenhurst but aren’t sure what to expect? This article explains what it’s like to seek vein care.

Does a Vein Center Treat Spider Veins?

If you have spider veins, Lindenhurst vein centers offer several gentle treatments for prompt resolution. Rather than removing spider veins, a good vein center will treat them internally. Some cosmetic centers use lasers at the skin’s surface, but this is not a permanent solution, nor is it the safest method for your skin, particularly for those with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions. Qualified vein specialists use superior methods like injectable sclerosants and endovenous radiofrequency ablation which don’t irritate the skin or use an open incision, so you don’t have any scarring from the procedure. Spider vein treatments typically take 10-20 minutes and don’t require any time to recover. Our Lindenhurst vein doctors also look for signs of vein disease to make sure your spider veins won’t keep coming back.

Do Vein Centers Provide Varicose Vein Treatment?

If you need varicose vein treatment, it’s particularly important to choose a medical group to treat your veins. Varicose veins can be quite large and tortuous (twisted), which makes them difficult to treat. Cosmetic vein centers lack many of the essential tools to properly treat varicosities, which might include ultrasound-guidance, specialty injection catheters, and pre-mixed foam to access the twists and turns of a varicose vein. Dermatological or spa treatments won’t address the vein disease that so often causes varicose veins. Before selecting your Lindenhurst vein center, make sure it’s a qualified medical group that can treat varicosities safely and thoroughly. When you choose the right team, you can expect fast, gentle, and easy relief, with treatments like Varithena and VenaSeal.

Does a Medical Center for Veins Treat Vein Disease?

If you visit a medical center for veins, you’ll also receive an assessment of, and treatment options for, vein diseases like chronic venous insufficiency. One of the most underdiagnosed conditions, chronic venous insufficiency is rarely treated at vein centers that aren’t staffed by vein doctors. It’s the primary reason people continually develop spider veins or varicose veins following treatment. If you visit a state of the art medical center for veins, your vein doctor will treat both the veins that are bothering you and the disease that’s behind their formation.

Are There Minimally Invasive Treatments for Your Condition?

If you’re wondering whether surgery is your only option for vein relief, you’ll be pleased to know that most vein issues are now resolved with minimally invasive treatments. Our vein doctors have several painless spider and varicose vein treatments to choose from, including sclerotherapy, endovenous radiofrequency ablation, VenaSeal, and Varithena. Our techniques don’t require open incisions or general anesthesia, and our ultrasound-guided technology enables us to both locate and treat your troubled veins, often with a single injection. Our state of the art tools use pin-sized entry points to leave no indication of treatment behind. Patients resume work the same day and don’t require hospitalization or follow-up care, since there are no stitches or sutures to remove.

Will Your Vein Doctor Be a Vascular Surgeon?

Some vein centers only hire vascular surgeons, whereas some don’t hire any surgeons, and some hire a combination of vein specialists. Your best bet is to look for a Lindenhurst vein center that specializes in minimally invasive treatments and considers surgery a last resort, but one that can perform or refer you to surgery if needed. There are some patients whose history of blood clots or severity of vein damage warrants surgery for their safety. So, you want a vein center that’s qualified to make that distinction. But since most patients don’t need vein surgery, it’s best to avoid vein centers run entirely by vascular surgeons.

Will the Vein Specialists Be Board Certified in Venous Medicine?

Vein centers in Lindenhurst don’t all offer the same level of care. Some providers aren’t actually vein doctors and can’t treat vein disease or vein problems deeper in your legs. You might assume your vein issue is only skin deep, since you can see spider veins or varicose veins just beneath your skin. But those visible veins often signify a vein valve failure in a deeper vein, or a weakened vein wall that allowed those venous defects to form. Ask if the vein doctors are board certified, and also what they are certified in, since being board certified in vein medicine isn’t required to treat veins. Our team of vein doctors are all board certified in venous medicine, and also hold double or triple certification in complementary fields like pain medicine for a holistic approach to your health.

Are You Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

Now that you know what to expect, are you ready to schedule an appointment? Our vein center in Lindenhurst offers world-class care for all of your vein health needs, including spider and varicose vein treatment and treatment for chronic vein disease. We eliminate the veins you can see, as well as the bothersome symptoms, like heaviness, swelling, aching, itching, discoloration, and restlessness in your legs. Our vein specialists are ready to help, so book an appointment today!

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