1. Our Vein Doctors Are Extra Thorough

One of the chief things that distinguishes our vein clinic in Jericho is our ability to look at your veins comprehensively. Our renowned vein doctors know that vein health often correlates directly to things like stress, weight, occupation, genetics, hormones, and medical issues. Our team uses tools like duplex ultrasound scans, MRIs, and lab work to determine your overall venous health. We’re able to map out your entire venous anatomy to detect blood clots, varicose veins, spider veins, faulty valves, and vein diseases like chronic venous insufficiency. By understanding your general health, as well as the connections between your damaged veins, we’re able to customize a more effective plan of care.

2. Our Medical Group Asks the Right Questions

Some vein treatment clinics focus exclusively on the cosmetic aspect of spider veins and varicose veins. But our doctors know that defective veins also cause problems like cramping, burning, restlessness, swelling, discoloration, and heaviness in your legs. We’re highly trained in venous complications like ulcerations, stasis dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, and bleeding that accompany vein disease for many patients. While we’re known for providing flawless results from a cosmetic perspective, our treatments are more effective than other Jericho vein clinics because we also inquire about physical symptoms attributed to vein disease.

Want to alleviate vein damage once and for all? Head to the vein clinic in Jericho that’s more effective at treating veins. Here are 9 ways we outperform the rest.

3. Our Varicose Vein Treatment Is Non-Surgical

Surgical varicose vein removal (phlebectomy or ambulatory phlebectomy) used to be the only way to treat larger varicose veins. Now, a veins specialist has a wealth of techniques that prevent surgery, thereby preventing hospital stays, general anesthesia, open incisions, and surgical complications. Choose a vein clinic in Jericho like our Long Island vein clinics that view surgical varicose vein removal as a last resort. Our vein doctors are trained in newer methods that resolve vein damage without surgery. These new treatments aren’t just more effective, they’re also less intimidating for patients, which means more patients pursue the care they need.

4. Our Spider Veins Treatment Is Comprehensive

Have you treated your spider veins before? Do they keep reappearing anyway? Some vein clinics in Jericho simply treat the spider veins you can see at the surface of your skin. But they lack the training and tools to treat the valve failure in deeper veins that causes those superficial veins to form. Don’t waste money on a vein clinic that doesn’t treat spider veins and varicose veins comprehensively. You’ll get stuck treating veins over and over again, unless you choose a Long Island vein clinic that locates and fixes the underlying problem.

5. Our Minimally Invasive Treatment Plans Are Superior

Treating veins with a minimally invasive approach is less painful, expensive, and complicated for patients. You won’t have to stay in the hospital or contend with surgical scars or recovery time. You also won’t have to deal with risks from anesthesia, deep incisions, and internal bleeding. Minimally invasive treatment is the way to go, since it provides better results in a fraction of the time, without having to take time off from work. Not every medical clinic in Jericho offers minimally invasive options, so choose a medical group known for less invasive techniques like our Jericho vein clinic.

6. Our Veins Specialists Are Double and Triple Board Certified

It’s one thing to be a great vein doctor. But our premiere vein doctors are also broadly educated and additionally certified in various fields including a vascular surgeon, a pain specialist, and a hospitalist. Effective vein care requires a holistic approach to your health, and that’s precisely what our experienced vein doctors provide. Our treatments are more effective than other vein clinics on Long Island, in part, because our doctors have a broader range of expertise. Certification by the ABVLM indicates our exceptional training and commitment to quality care.

7. Our Methods Prevent Varicose Vein Removal

Another reason our treatments are so effective is that we actively prevent varicose vein removal. Our Harvard-training and participation in the latest research allows us to offer better, safer methods that eliminate the need to remove your veins. By gently cauterizing, gluing, or irritating your vein’s walls, with procedures like Varithena, VenaSeal, sclerotherapy, or radiofrequency ablation, we invoke their closure, which renders them impenetrable. Thus, your blood automatically begins flowing through healthier veins and the problem is solved, without the need for surgery.

8. Our Doctors Teach About Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

One of the most effective ways to combat spider veins and varicose veins is to learn about their causation. Knowing what generates them and what you can do about that will help prevent them from continually forming. Some vein damage occurs for reasons beyond your control: congenital malformations, hormone changes, and genetic predisposition fall in this category. But outside factors like sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and a job where you sit or stand for long periods also enhance their development. Our vein doctors offer educational tips to minimize the occurrence of vein damage and relieve the symptoms at home. Our veins specialists don’t just teach their patients; they also teach other doctors around the world. Education is an effective tool and one that our doctors are uniquely qualified to provide.

9. Our Patients Can Book an Appointment Anywhere

Effective care is only effective if you can actually book an appointment! Our Jericho vein clinic has a distinct advantage in that it’s just one of our vein clinics on Long Island. We have offices in North Shore, South Shore, and Hampton Bays, so that a vein doctor is always nearby. Furthermore, our esteemed vein clinics are scattered across the country in NJ, NY, TX, and CA, with more locations coming soon. Visit our clinic in Jericho and get access to our vein treatment clinics around the world, so that premium care is available no matter where you are.

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