Your tooth may get cracked due to sudden trauma or injury. The crack might be visible, and sometimes, it might not be. If you experience pain while eating, or tooth sensitivity to hot and cold drinks, your tooth may be cracked. Pain associated with a cracked tooth usually comes and goes. This makes it more difficult for the dentist to identify the crack. If you experience pain or any other symptom of a cracked tooth, immediately contact your dentist and schedule a local dentist open on Saturday appointment as soon as possible because ignoring a cracked tooth can lead to more complications, pain, and discomfort.

Symptoms of A Cracked Tooth – Find Me a Dentist

In some cases, the cracked tooth may not cause any symptoms, and you may go weeks without realizing your tooth is cracked. That can be dangerous, depending on the type of crack there is because some types of cracks are harmless and do not require dental treatment. However, if you experience pain while chewing and biting or have swollen gums, teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and sweetness, pain that tends to come and go, and discomfort around the teeth and gums, then you must visit the local dentist open on saturday.

Causes of Cracked Tooth – Emergency Dentist near Me

Teeth may crack due to many reasons including physical trauma or injury, excessive grinding of the teeth, biting hard pieces of food such as ice, and a large filling that can weaken the remaining tooth structure. Other reasons why the tooth may crack are a sudden change in temperature. This can occur if you burn your mouth while drinking hot coffee, followed by a glass of water to mollify the pain.

How Are Cracked Teeth Diagnosed?

When you visit the dentist, the emergency dentist will try to identify the problem by asking you about your dental history and the symptoms you are experiencing if the cracked tooth is not visible. It is not easy to identify a cracked tooth and requires professionalism and experience. The emergency dentist will thoroughly examine the teeth using a magnifying glass to see the cracks better. They may also use other dental instruments such as a dental explorer whose main function is to identify any rough, cracked edges on the teeth’s surface. The dentist may also use dental dye to make the cracks more visible and prominent.

During the local dentist open on Saturday appointment, the emergency dentist will also examine your gums for signs of inflammation which is one of the symptoms of cracked teeth as cracks in the teeth usually irritate the gums causing them to swell and become red. The dentist might also ask you to bite on something to catch the source of the pain.

The emergency dentist may also recommend an X-ray of the teeth. X-rays can help reveal problems located in the pulp of the teeth. If the pulp is unhealthy, it can lead to a crack.

Types of Cracked Tooth Treated

Many different types of cracks vary in length, depth, and location on the tooth. Craze link is the smallest crack and develops inside the tooth enamel. A person usually does not realize they have a craze line, and no treatment is required unless symptoms occur. Other types of tooth cracks include:

  • Oblique supragingival cracks- Such cracks only affect the crown and do not go beyond the gum line. This is why they are not painful usually.
  • Oblique subgingival cracks-They goes beyond the gum line and can cause pain. They require dental treatment in which the tooth is restored.
  • Split tooth-Such cracks split the tooth in two. The emergency dentist is usually able to save one part of the tooth, which is restored with the help of a crown. In such a situation, you might require a root canal treatment.
  • Oblique root cracks- These cracks are not visible on the surface of the tooth because the damage occurs beyond and below the gum line, usually below the jawline. Emergency tooth extraction is done for this type of crack.
  • Fractured cusp- In this type of tooth crack, the chewing surface breaks off. It is very common
  • Vertical apical root cracks- This crack usually begins at the root of the tooth and goes towards the crown. It may vary in length, but the tooth usually has to be removed because of the immense pain.

Treatment Offered By the Best Dentist Near Me

The dental treatment depends on the location of the crack and its severity. If it a small crack that does not cause any pain, then treatment will not be required. Treatment options for cracked teeth include fillings, restoring the crack with plastic resin, a process called bonding, or gluing the broken part of the tooth. The dentist may also cover the cracked tooth using a crown. If the crack has reached the pulp of the tooth, root canal treatment is done in most cases. If a tooth is severely cracked, the dentist may remove it through a process called a tooth extraction. If you have a filling present, the dentist may remove the filling to examine the damage caused by the crack properly. If cracked teeth are left untreated, they may cause further complications such as an infection.


How to find an emergency dental treatment center?

To find a local dentist open on Saturday, you can start by asking around families, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and friends. You can also take the advice of your family dentist or a local pharmacist. However, the highly recommended way is to contact dentists at URBN dental. We provide highly recommended emergency dental treatment services In town.

How to reduce toothache?

You can reduce toothache by rubbing ice between your thumb and forefinger for 7 minutes, or until the area turns numb. You can apply pain-relieving gels and liquids to your sore tooth. You can also refer to more natural ways such as applying clove oil, toothache plant oil, and garlic.

Schedule Dentist Appointment at URBN Dental – The Local Dentist Open on Saturday

If you experience symptoms of a cracked tooth, contact the dentists at URBN dental immediately. Our dental offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to provide you with highly recommended dental services. Book your appointment now to avail of our services.


The tooth may get cracked due to a lot of reasons and can cause severe pain. The crack is not easy to locate, especially if it is not visible to the dentist. Common symptoms of a cracked tooth can help the dentist in his diagnosis. Such symptoms include pain that tends to come and go, pain while chewing and biting, swollen gums, teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and sweetness and discomfort. There are many causes of the cracked tooth, including sudden trauma or physical injury to the tooth. When you go to visit the dentist, the emergency dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth to locate the tooth. He may also suggest an X-ray to understand the condition of your teeth better.

There are many different types of a cracked tooth, including Oblique supragingival cracks, Oblique subgingival cracks, Split tooth, oblique root cracks, fractured cusp, and vertical apical root cracks. These cracks differ in length, size, and the extent to which they have reached and caused damage. The dental treatment Is provided accordingly to the condition of the teeth, location of the crack, and its severity. Treatment options for cracked teeth include fillings, restoring the crack with plastic resin, a process called bonding, or gluing the broken part of the tooth.

The dentist may also cover the cracked tooth using a crown. If you experience the symptoms of a cracked tooth, do not hesitate to contact the dentists at URBN dental. We provide dental services around the clock so that you don’t have to worry if you experience a dental emergency in the middle of the night. Book your appointment now!

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