Enlightening You About Gingival Gum Graft

For many years it has been possible to replace teeth that have been lost, but it was always believed that damage to the gums was going to be permanent.

What is a Gingival Gum Graft?

Replacement of lost teeth have been a reality for many years but there used to be a belief that a damaged gum is forever gone. However, this is no more what’s on the ground as damaged gums can now be treated through a gingival gum graft surgery known as gingival graft in medical terms. Different procedures can be carried out to handle a wide range of gum conditions.

A major reason why gingival gum graft surgery is required is to tackle the issue of receding gums. Receding gums can be quite unsightly and it is painful too. It can lead to exposure of the root of the tooth as well, increasing chances of infection which can cause tooth loss. Intake of a hot or cold meal or drink can cause sharp pain.

When gum graft is carried out, existing keritinized tissue will be used to provide protection and cover for the exposed gum root. It’s important that this process is carried out to avoid infection and ultimately tooth loss.

Dental Issues That Require Emergency Dental Care

You may be confused about which conditions can be categorized as a dental emergency. But don’t let that confusion keep you from the emergency care you need and deserve.

The following is a brief list of dental issues that require emergency dental care. Hopefully, this clears any doubts you have about emergency dental conditions.

Benefits and Results

Although there are risks of failure and the procedure can be quite painful especially if the grafted skin is taken from your own mouth other than that of a donor, there are actually some benefits associated with gum graft gingival surgery. Immediately you are done with the treatment you will understand fully because although you will feel pain until you are healed, the pain is temporary when compared to the almost constant pain you will feel if the condition is left untreated and it could also lead to other complications. More money will, therefore, be spent trying to tackle these new complications. These additional costs will in the long run far outweigh any of the discomforts that may have been felt in an initial gum graft gingival surgery.

Teeth appearance will also look better and your smile and speech will definitely be improved.

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A dentist will skillfully handle the situation but it might be quite painful at least until treatment is complete and you are healed. From the roof of your mouth, a piece of skin will be taken and then stitched into your gum to close the gap that is in view. In any case, your dentist will brief you on any complications that at arise before your treatment begins.

Who is affected by this?

There are a number of things that can cause issues with the teeth and lead them to requiring gingival grafts. For the more unfortunate ones, it can be a hereditary issue, and there is little or nothing that they can do to prevent it. Others will bring the problem upon themselves. If they do not look after the teeth well enough, the gums start to recede, and the damage occurs. It is not always lack of cleaning that is an issue, but often being too vigorous with the toothbrush.

Diabetics are also at risk and once this illness has been confirmed, it is vital that regular checks are made to the teeth to see if the gums are moving and the teeth are looking longer. As you get older and hormones change, there is also the risk that damage will occur. As with many conditions, smokers are going to have a much higher risk than others. Giving up smoking will stop the disease progressing and may negate the need for a graft if the damage is not too bad. The one that it will not do is to reverse the damage that has already been caused.

How do you treat it?

It will take a dentist to carry out this work and it has to be said that it can be painful and inconvenient until it is completely healed. There will have to be a piece of skin taken out of the roof of the mouth. It will then be stitched into the gum to cover the gap that has appeared. There are a couple of problems that arise for dentists who have to carry out the procedure. Firstly, there is not a lot of skin that can be used and secondly there is a high rate of graft death. If the graft does not take, it will have to be redone, or failing that, the condition often has to be lived with.

There is a third option that is further used in some hospital settings, but this is one that many people are uncomfortable with. The skin can be harvested from human tissue on a medically regulated level. It is likely that there can be a larger piece of skin collected as there is no need to be concerned about the future viability of the mouth, but then there are the dual risks of cross-infection of diseases and also rejection. This should never be carried out without the patient being fully aware and also told what the risks are likely to be.

What are the results and benefits of this?

Despite the risks of failure and the problems that can be faced when it comes to collecting the necessary gingival tissue, it is not one of the more major dental procedures that are carried out. The problems come afterwards when there is pain. As you would imagine, there will be more pain if the graft is taken from your own mouth rather than that of a donor.

The benefits will be immediately clear. Any pain that is felt after treatment will be temporary, whereas the pain of not dealing with the recession will be long lasting and lead to other complications. The additional surgery and cost of needing teeth replaced will outweigh the issues brought about as a result of a gingival graft.

The appearance of the teeth will also be better. It is obvious when gums are receding, and the smile will be a lot less attractive without a graft than it will be with one. Speech may not be affected as a result of the condition but may become less clear if you are trying to keep your mouth partially closed to cover the appearance. This may not be a pleasant procedure to go through, but once completed it is certainly worthwhile and will make a big difference to your life.

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